Popping my head back up for a mo’.

Hi all! I wanted to take a minute to say something as clearly and directly as I can. Medieval reenactment and recreation should be welcoming to all people. This is a matter of both history and, frankly, being an adult human on planet earth. To assume that Europe was a lily-white landscape throughout the late Iron Age, Medieval, and Early Modern periods is to indulge in the twin sins of laziness and lack of intellectual rigor. A culture of gate-keeping and exclusion, and worse, allowing racism, and its fellow horsemen of shittiness, antisemitism, islamaphobia, transphobia, and homophobia, a place to fester, is what will kill this hobby that I love.

On Convincing Sane People to Eat Norse Food

Norse food has a poor reputation in the SCA for being largely inedible.  It's not anyone's fault, the Norse were often living in inhospitable climates where food was food and it kept you from starving.  This has led to such modern cultural delicacies as smoked sheepshead and the bane of my childhood, Lutefisk.  This post will go through my process for developing a lunch menu that was interesting and appetizing while staying as true as possible to what we know of the Norse diet.

Figgy Piggy documentation (De re coquinaria, recipe 287)

De re coquinaria, sometimes attributed to Caelius Apicius or Marcus Gavius Apicius, is a collection of approximately 500 recipes written in Vulgar Latin. (Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome, by J. Vehling, 1926, page 18.) The dating of the manuscript is tricky, the oldest extant manuscript, currently held by the New York Academy of Medicine, … Continue reading Figgy Piggy documentation (De re coquinaria, recipe 287)