Figgy Piggy documentation (De re coquinaria, recipe 287)

De re coquinaria, sometimes attributed to Caelius Apicius or Marcus Gavius Apicius, is a collection of approximately 500 recipes written in Vulgar Latin. (Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome, by J. Vehling, 1926, page 18.) The dating of the manuscript is tricky, the oldest extant manuscript, currently held by the New York Academy of Medicine, … Continue reading Figgy Piggy documentation (De re coquinaria, recipe 287)

A Fifteenth Century Word Game

The Book of Brome (Beinecke MS 365, f. 1v) includes a word game that relies on a simple cypher (and, alas, isn’t very nice to the ladies). This puzzle provides some insight on how the literate classes entertained themselves and is not at all dissimilar to the cryptoquote puzzle in our local paper. I've included a short discussion and hint for its solution under the cut.

On Making a Tunic

Making a tunic using rectangular construction is a relatively easy process. For the presentation, click here: Medieval Home Companion - tunics My Sources: T-Tunics the Period WayTunics the Period Way  Viking/Norse Underdress Introduction to Garb Introduction to SCA Clothing If you need adobe reader, click here: