Handouts, Presentations, and Random Research

Links to handouts from classes we have taught (and other research documents).


Late Medieval Block Printing on Fabric

14th and 15th Century Manners and my translations of 14th and 15th century poems telling you how to behave.

German Brick Stitch

Medieval Correspondence (Google Slides version)

Introduction to the Clothing of the Silk Road

Towards a More Period Scroll Text

Introduction to Birka Posaments

The Great Fourteenth Century Brain Dump

Quick and Dirty Early Fourteenth Century Clothing

14th Century Men’s Clothing

14th Century Women’s Clothing

Research and Documentation (updated!)

Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Dressing Up Your T-Tunic

Twelve Panel Gowns Based on a Duct Tape Pattern

Calligraphy Basics

Runes with a Linguist (Google Slides version)

Joys of the Hall (on Google Docs)


Medieval Home Companion – tunics

Ye Olde Prognostication

You Can’t Say F*ck You in Gothic (WARNING: CONTAINS THE F-WORD)

Freaks of the Fifteenth Century (From Cotes to Tudors)

Moshchevaya Balka (with notes)

Shorter Moshchevaya Balka Presentation


A Collection of All the Images of Women in the Manesse Codex (on Google Docs)

A Collection of All the Images of Women in the Luttrell Psalter (on Google Docs)

A Study of Gothic Names Found in Herwig Wolfram’s The Goths

These handouts are all in PDF format.  If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you can download it here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/.