Oertha’s Best Front Porch 2018: Suppliers

Here are some suppliers you may find useful in preparing your entry.

Supplies for making things

Dick Blick carries a wide range of art supplies at reasonable prices.

Blaines Art, in Anchorage, has a cool range of things to play with.

Jerry’s Artarama is similar to Dick Blick.

American Woodcrafter’s Supply carries small wood items (dowels, pre-cut shape, metal hardware, etc).

Hardware Specialities in Anchorage carries fun hardwoods. Superior Hardwoods in Fairbanks does too.

Pretty sure there are other places…

Things that have already been made

Wild Hare Woodworks carries tables, chairs, and other finished wood products.

Medievalcraft.eu carries a wide variety of sundries

Reannag Teine has many different types of pottery

Smoke-Fire has simple camp furniture

Townsends is mostly geared towards 18th century (and later) reenactors, but also has some basic stuff that would work well for the SCA.

Panther Primitives carries stuff besides canvas, who knew?

Mercy the Potter occasionally posts some awesome stuff on Etsy.

Feed the Ravens carries beautiful early period pottery and some other small items.

Do you have a supplier you’d like to share? Send the link to clairemargery@gmail.com.