Oertha’s Best Front Porch 2018: Links

Below are links you may find useful in putting your front porch together.

Furniture Plans

Furniture Class v. 2, A class offered at Pennsic XXX by Master Sir Stanford of Sheffield

Medieval Pavillion Resources

Get Medieval on Your Pop-up

Medieval Furniture Links from Modar University

A Portable Trestle Table

A Trestle Table for Under $35: How I Built a 15th-Century-Style Table for Pennsic From an Old Door and Pine Boards

The Kingdom of Atlantia’s A&S Links: Chairs and Benches

The Kingdom of Atlantia’s A&S Links: Tables

Constructing Medieval Furniture: Plans and Instructions with Historical Notes by Daniel Diehl


Modern Medieval Companion: Decor

Hall Decorating in the SCA

Painted Tapestries

Making a Cooler Cooler

Stenciling your pavilion

Tent Painting 2

How to make your encampment look more period and ways to fake it

Cooler Covers

Day Shades

DIY Historical Tarps

Simple Canvas Day Shade

The Portable Gallery

On mayking of a symple Pavylion fore the ladyes whereby they maye vew thereby the tourney.

How to build a Poore House dayshade 2.0

The Construction of a Yurt


Medieval Cookery

Gode Cookery

Old Cook: Medieval Recipes

Medieval Cuisine

Medieval Finger and Camping Foods

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